Monday, January 24, 2011

Its Raining Boots

Funny, I have had a post ready to go that features some cute rain boots from around the interwebs, and then this $15 rain boot promo for Charlotte Russe happens. Um, THESE ARE CUTE! There are so many cute rain boots out there that there's really no excuse to not make your feet smile on a rainy day. Here are some favorites of mine, plus all the rest on sale for the next three days.

Um, these are sunny yellow, and have a zipper. Yes and Yes!

Love these lace-up ones. I have some like this and feel a scoatch firegirl in it, but whatever. Everyone loves a fireperson in uniform.

Polka dot and a great color combo.

If these don't strike your fancy or you need a half size, I'm loving these from Old Navy and they are under $30.

Target also of course has its fair share. Well aren't these adorable?

Anchor's Away!

There are literally rain boots in every color and pattern you can imagine. I was happy to just learn about these fleece boot liners, which have great ratings and seem to quite nicely winterize your rain boots. Definitely trying these out.

All of this boot talk reminds me of the adorable way my friend Melissa announced her pregnancy. So adorbs.

Cute to Boot!
Pia The Pig

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  1. OMG fleece boot liners?! GENIUS. I need these. Badly. Kind of irritated though as I just ordered stuff from Target and doing a whole other order for a ten dollar item seems silly. BUT, my feet are freezing.

    Woe is me.



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