Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fun Gift: Waffle Maker!

I can finally write a blog post about the waffle maker that I bought and gave my parents! We had a lovely Thanksgiving morning making pancakes from the delicious Archer Farms Chocolate Chip Banana pancake and waffle mix, which led to the discussion and realization that we've had waffles made solely by Eggo at my parents' house. So, I thought to myself: "gift idea: WAFFLE MAKER!" Luckily, Kohl's had some doorbuster deals on some, so I scored this little jobby and packaged it up with three boxes of the delicious Archer Farms varieties. Kitchen appliances, whether it's a tortilla maker, waffle maker, panini press (my favorite gift to give last year), or even a sno-cone machine (my favorite wedding gift to give this year), a kitchen appliance is an unexpected fun gift that can be enjoyed year-round.

Um, this is awesome.

Also, this is the gift I'm very curious about this year.

Anyone heard about this?

Remember, everyone loves food-related gifts that don't instantly make them fat!

Also, here's a link to all sorts of breakfast nerdery.

With Love,
Pia The Pig

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