Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Part One of Two Bark-Themed Posts Today

I received the latest Food Network magazine in the mail the other day, and was simply loving the photography in it. The bark spread really looked amazing, and their easy to follow add-yer-own ingredients recipe was graphically and aesthetically quite pleasing.

Whip up a batch, and whatever you've managed to not eat yourself, package up in this, and you're good to go.

When searching for the recipe to post, I found this little adorable number by Christine Hale on the Food Network Blog, which I have somehow NEVER BEEN TO BEFORE! Isn't it delish?

The magazine's feature on 50 Holiday Drinks is 50 little presents just waiting to be unwrapped slash guzzled.

Pia The Pig

Oh, and MAGAZINES, my favorite little treasures, are great gifts for the holidays. A year-round reminder that print isn't dead yet!

Pia The Pig

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