Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oooh! Gold!

I look at ModCloth on an almost daily basis but have yet to pull the trigger. I saw a co-worker wearing an adorable and seemingly well-made dress from there and decided it might just be time to load up a cart of goodies. Shall I start with this Gold Dust Gal Dress? I'm kinda dying to get this even though the chances of looking like a gold disco ball are high to quite high.

Perhaps I could rock it like the darling Lucy Hale from PLL. via

How cute are these gals?

I love the photo background too and the styling. Can't wait for PLL to return soon! You need to catch up if you are behind!

Rock the gold!
Pia The Pig

1 comment:

  1. Love and want that gold dress!!! It does remind me of the beginning of TBH, though. "It's missing a bead..."
    You know those sequins will start falling off the minute you put it on.



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