Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yeah, Yeah, Another Gorgeous Brunette

I loved The Social Network, and while I was fully engrossed in the storyline, I was also fully engrossed in the lovely Andrew Garfield.

Well I decided to read up on this "hottie patottie" (just watched the first episode of the new season of The Millionaire Matchmaker) and just fell in love even more after reading the following sentence: Garfield was raised in Surrey, England and was a gymnast during his early years. HELLO! He's a Jew, too. Sorry, Mom, that "gymnast" is more compelling than "Jew," but are you surprised? Probably not.

Looking forward to seeing much more of this face as the new Spiderman and hopefully the new gymnast Mensch boyf of this little blogger right here. OMG just realized if we got married, I'd have the last name of one of the most famous cats in history.

Mazel Tov to ME!

Pia The Pig

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