Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh God Help Me, I'm Going For It!

My 88-year-old vertebrae and I have been fighting the urge to try these new-fangled "shape up" tennis shoes for quite some time. Well, after walking around on vacation for so long that I could barely walk and one doctor visit later, I figure, why the hell not? While the Sketchers brand and Reebok Easy Tones have the highest awareness level, the Avon Curves brand are half the price and have incredible reviews. Well, cut to my weekly Payless email and I figured, let's see what they have. The Payless offering by Champion has even more incredible reviews, and for $39.99, plus their famous (or just simply annoyingly named) BOGO deal, means I must at least give these a try and perhaps get a pair for Mom to try as well. You can't go wrong with alllllll of these 5-star customer reviews.

So, sorry Fashion Police, my calves and lame-o back problems are going to give these pups a try.

I wish these looked cooler but hey at least I won't be saying that about my calves. Stay tuned for my own customer reviews.

1 comment:

  1. I'll be honest, I have the reebok easy tones. i forgot i had them for a while until i saw them on the bottom shelf of my closet last week...clearly, i'm getting my money's worth out of them. opps.



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