Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flats For A Flat Fee!

Today I am wearing my officially-broken-in (after just one wearing: feat!) Target floral flats and I must say, these are some of the most comfortable shoes I own. I have been, ahem, blessed with a giant cranium (see future hat posts) and wide feet (thanks, Mom!) and these shoes are the perfect width and perfect size. I picked these up for under $10 in an impulse buy (like it counts if it's under $10) and thought they'd be perfect to add some color and delight to an otherwise blah outfit. Well, boom! Now they are on sale for $8 at and what delight to see that there are LOADS MORE COLORS AND STYLES ALL AT $8. HELLO BACK-TO-SCHOOL (or just the office on a Monday) 2010 FLAT!

Here they are in multi/gold:


Is there anything cuter than a black tee, blue jeans, and a red flat? NO.

And finally, black patent, because THAT SURE DOESN'T GO WITH EVERYTHING.

These were on clearance for less than $9 and are simply fabulous. I have been blessed with a giant cranium and wide feet (ahem, Mom) and these flats are just perfect. The price is right and they make a simple outfit much more colorful. Well, perfect day to post since they are on clearance for just $8 at This Mossimo Odell line has a bunch of other great colors and styles, all for the perfect-for-fall-so-get-'em-now price. I am so glad that flats are still in because they are perfect for work and play and all things weekend!

Pia The Pig


  1. These look so much cuter on your post than when I've seen them in the store :-/

    You've inspired me to give them a second chance!

  2. I've had the the first pair (pink floral) since they came out this past spring. I've had several people ask me if they were J. Crew.



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