Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Scream For AWESOME!

I recently returned from a great vacation in Denver which will be a few blog entries on its own but one thing that was so great about the trip was the fabulous ice cream I ate! It definitely made me want to have an Ice Cream Social at my house. Although, let's be honest, I've been craving an ice cream party ever since laying my eyes on this remarkably delicious DIY Ice Cream Sundae Buffet over at

But then, these two other ways of serving up ice cream caught my eye. So cute and so creative. I just might have to try. I am so close to writing "think outside the cone." Oh damn, there it was. Ah well. It's ice cream. Anything goes.

Check out these ADORBS Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops from of course, Bakerella.

And, AAAD Reader Anne sent me this adorable post from Christy's blog on how to make Ice Cream Cupcakes.

Love the idea and even moreso, loving those vintage ice cream cups from World Market.
I picked up a bunch of those over the weekend and even gave some as gifts. 6 cups, with lids AND wooden spoons, less than $2. Total summatime score.

These look so incredible! But remember, if you can't take a bite out of ice cream...

Pia The Pig

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