Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Hot. Let's Eat!

Allison and friends came over last night to witness the hot mess that is The Bachelorette. Let's just say I am very stoked for Bachelor Pad because that will be even hotter and even messier. YES.

Allison made these delicious lemon-lime bars that were delightfully refreshing. I found a few other recipes online that would pair nicely with them, dontcha think?

This peach grilled cheese via Macheesmo looks awesome even though I'm apathetic towards cheese. But, I do have some peaches that are ripening on my kitchen counter, I love arugula, and well, this just looks too interesting not to try.

That would go so well with these Lays chips which are awesome.

Also, if you haven't had the amazeballs that are pretzel M&M's, you need to try them. And then you need to make these. Fine, I'll make them. I was just telling my parents how I can't eat frozen yogurt or really anything chocolaty without having a pretzely dessert after that. Dessert after dessert? Yep.

Pia The Pig

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  1. OK, I am shocked. How can you be apathetic towards cheese? Cheese is AMAZING. I LOVE cheese - so much so that I would almost marry it. Too bad I don't believe in polygamy, or I'd do it. I love pretty much anything cheesy - including myself, apparently.

    BTW, pretzel M&M's are YUMMY! I think I just happened to be in Target one of the first few days they came out (which isn't shocking since I think Target is my second home sometimes...behind Northpark...and, well, my real home). Anyway, they are delicious. I think the whole bag made it about 2 or 3 days in our house. AND, they are less calories than the same number of regular M&M's, so they're like the healthy option. Love them. And you, even though you don't love cheese.



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