Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hipster Wedding Videos: Awesome or Not?

Ok, so not everyone can have the sweet videographer who captures my Bat Mitzvah in April '94. I GET IT. But apparently the new trend is not a two or three or four hour video, but a 2-4 minute one. Gawd, we really have no attention spans anymore, huh? Well, I found two wedding videos posted this week. One, I love. One I find trying so incredibly hard that is makes me hateful. Tell me, what do you think? I won't tell you which one is which regarding my feeeeelings.

Lauren + JP from Matt Odom on Vimeo.

Max, Margaux, & The Marvelows from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

All I will say, is that the swing featured in the second video and much much more AWESOMENESS is made by my newest obsession, Ashley Meaders, who is also the genius behind this popsicle wedding I previously wrote about. SWOON!

Pia The Pig


  1. That first one is disturbing.

    When I think back on my wedding, I remember my (drunk) friends and how much fun it was and dancing with my bride. I can't imagine how orchestrated and crummy it would be to have to act out a whole schticky video plan. What a waste of a wonderful day.

    It reminds me of an article I read in the DMN a few years back - something about how the author (the father of the bride) didn't want photos at the wedding. He argued that certain occasions are better left to your mind's version of your memories. While I don't 100% agree, I see his point.

    We elected to blow the budget on the best photographer possible and forego the videographer. Why? Because my mind has a way of making my dancing look sweet and sincere instead of clumsy and whitefolk-ish. Video of reality is one thing (and one I'd prefer to shy away from), but directing your wedding to some song you heard on a commercial (I heart Passion Pit too) seems a bit contrived...

  2. You look gorgeous in all of your photos here and besides that, the wedding were planned well.

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