Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Nights Are Back

I can't believe I didn't remind you all of this hot mess last week, but duh, the Bachelor is back! Monday nights are back in full effect, with two of my girls over to watch all of the drama and ridiculousness ensue. I have a lot of thoughts on this season, but not as many as Reality Steve. If you want his scoop on the "real" truth behind the Rozlyn scandal, and SPOILER ALERT!, the full rundown of the finalists in order of departure (look! PILOT REFERENCE!), click here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Regardless, I don't care what ounce of truth there is in what I am watching, (only 20% truth in that sentence) it's entertaining and I cherish the quality time I have with my friends talking about it.

I'm telling you now, though, ladies (Current Bach. Season 14 Contestants), yes, you might be edited poorly, but the editors ain't completely putting words in your mouths. Can you do me a favor (and yourselves) and TONE DOWN THE DESPERATION?! Geez, life can be really awesome even if you don't have a co-pilot. (BAM! ANOTHER PILOT REFERENCE!) Get a clue and some confidence and maybe you'll come across a little bit less KRAAAAAAAY-ZI!

Keep It (First) Classy!
Pia The Pig

1 comment:

  1. I'm loving the pilot references! Definitely agree with you that I'm in this for entertainment purposes only, I'm really okay if they stretch the truth in some circumstances. The more drama the better!!



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