Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BONUS POST: This Awesome Deal Can't Wait

I can't wait to tell you all about Newflower Farmer's Market here in town. There's one by my house now and it has the best deals on unbelievably delicious local produce and natural and organics. I can't believe how low the prices are on my favorite fruits and veggies. This week, I stocked up on blackberries and strawberries for 88 CENTS A CARTON. Hell-o! My mouth is thrilled. My co-workers, having to hear me suck on fruits six times a day, probably not. I'm giving you this bonus post today since Wednesday is the day to shop there (it's the same as Sprouts for those of you who live closer to one of those gems). Wednesday is the day the circulars overlap so you get both this week and last week's deals. I hope there are more berries left. Don't take them all!

An Apple A Day,
Pia The Pig

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