Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Awesomely Mini Food Jewelry!

Can you tell I am on a spring kick lately? I must be hungry, too. Check out these sweet Hot Dog Stud Earrings I bought!

I have loved miniature food and drink since my dollhouse phase circa 1986. But a 3 centimeter hot dog is truly timeless, don't you think? Check out some more deliciousness from Shay Aaron on Etsy.

Love this pretzel necklace!

And who doesn't need a Juicy Green Apple Ring? That's right, I thought so.

Great Things Come In Small Packages,
Pia The Pig


  1. hi, I read your blog and realise that you are keen collector of miniature food. I'm from singapore and presently selling a full range of miniature food sets and desert sets. just wonder if you are interested, please check out the following link to view the pictures.
    please contact me at

  2. miniature food and drink since my dollhouse phase circa 1986....Can you please tell me where you got the hot dogs and condiments so I can buy them?

    Thank you,




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