Friday, May 22, 2009

Awesomely Frugal Fashion Fridays: Bike Chic

Rike your bike poster, from Etsy
Okay, okay, so this isn't about an online retailer, but there's nothing more adorable than a happy person in flip-flops on a bike, cruising around the neighborhood. And that's exactly where I have been lately (does that mean I am adorable? I'll take it.), pedaling in style. And on the heels of a beautiful long weekend, I am strongly recommending you GET ON IT and get yourself (and your tandem bike partner if you are so inclined) rolling! For less than $200, summer never seemed so fun. Plus, throw on one of the handy baskets listed below, and save the gas to the market or Starbucks. Your calves will thank you! (Does this mean if I ride over to Society Bakery that it's a washout? Again, I'll take it.)

Here's my bike. Her name is Betty. Because according to Lynn, "Every bike needs a name." The best less-than-$160 I have EVER spent. And if you don't see this in your local Walmart, the Site-to-Store feature online is a great deal: free shipping when the item is shipped to the store. I even asked nicely and the guys in the back assembled it for free. Score! Order it now!

Here's Lynn's bike, Shirlz. Shirlz is a new addition to the neighborhood and has immediately become BFF with Betty. Be a Shirlz, order now.

Here's Kellyn's bike, Blue Lightnin. Kellyn's bike is for men, but who cares? I love the color and with her long legs, it looks great. Lightnin fast and waiting for you. Order it here.

Next, you must have a helmet (it's the law!) but a true must-have is an adorable basket. I recommend the Bell Quick Release basket at Academy, but check out this number. Yes, it's $69, but it's awesome. Get one here, and I'll be jealous.

Complete the look with appropriate footwear, or something cuter, like these new flip-flops from Old Navy. Find 'em here, for under $20.

Or, a classic standby, in my favorite, metallic. $5 at Old Navy, in loads of colors.

Happy Pedaling!
Pia The Pig

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