Monday, August 15, 2011

In Other Awesome Hummus News

One of my favorite AAAD Readers, Brad, shared his thoughts on hummus in response to this post. Must share with you all, as these sound like vegan insider awesome finds:

"I see that you like Sabra. I would like to expand your horizons. Trust me. I am a vegan. Hummus is my entertainment and religion.

These guys make a hummus called Grandma’s Hummus. I think I’ve seen it at Whole Foods. Maybe Central Market. I need to verify this before sending you off in search. They’re based in Austin, and it’s the best “straight up” version I’ve had. Their babaganoush is awesome too. (Blogger's note: special points for describing their hummus as "humus.")

This is so good if you like cilantro. I need to try their other flavors, but this one gets me every time.

The Spicy Three Pepper is my everyday go to. It’s not spicy for normal people from Texas (nothing that’s labeled “spicy” ever is). It has bell pepper in it, so if you have a friend who is allergic to bell peppers (read: Andria), then you will want to inform her before she eats half of the bowl with you.

As for awesome restaurant hummus, if you’ve never been to Fadi’s, you’re doing yourself a disservice.


Thanks, Brad, for the hummus opinions. Now I need to go get some baby carrots and dig the eff in.

Pia The Pig

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