Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My boycrush is obviiiiiiiously Mr. Awesome, who amongst other things, has hair to die for, such pretty teeth "he can be in a toothpaste commercial," and doesn't run away screaming when he sees my Jewfro. But most excitingly, he can cook! He made some ridic eggs benedict over the weekend. With pork. On an English muffin. With potatoes. All while I sat on the couch watching Toddlers and Tiaras, rocking such Jewfro. Hello keeper.

Sunday, he also made a great dinner that I had to share with y'all. We were in the mood for Greek food and decided to make some ourselves. We made this chicken shawarma recipe which was fabulous. The chicken had great flavor to it (almost Indian with the curry powder...but not spicy at all) and the sauce was restaurant-worthy. I couldn't find tahini at Target for the sauce, so Mr. A improvised by adding some chopped up cucumbers and a surprising dash of cinnamon (who knew!?) to make the sauce a little less tart.

photo from Cooking Light

We paired it with pita (quartered and toasted in the oven for about 10 minutes on 350) and my favorite hummus (eating this like it's going out of style),

and a super fresh cucumber, tomato, and dill salad. The grape tomatoes were perfection and the dill was a great compliment to the sauce. This photo is from the Everything Food blog but looked like ours if you add some dill.

This meal was easy, healthy, and super flavorful. A great end to a weekend of awesome eats. Definitely try that chicken recipe. It's great!

Bon Appetit!
Pia The Pig

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