Monday, August 8, 2011


I stumbled upon the Girlcrush site and it's super rad. My latest girlcrush, and the same for most of my friends, is Emma Stone. Of course, Katy Perry has had the top seat for awhile. The cats! The glitter! The rainbow hair!

Anyway, Girlcrush is a nicely-designed site (I love the logo) that spotlights an awesome chick at a time. Creator Wendy Withers on the inspiration for the site:
"the idea of girl crush came about when i was pregnant with my first son. i kept thinking about what would become of my career after having babies. i found myself constantly looking to other women for inspiration… and so, the idea was born. it wasn’t until after my second baby when i finally had the energy and focus to get to work on GC. the title, Girl Crush, refers to women who i admire and respect."

I can get behind that!

I found the site, which at the time, featured The Ice Cream Maker, while searching for something about ice cream (what's new) and have been going back ever since. Interesting interviews and gorgeous photos = perfect. The latest feature, on The Radio City Rockette, is so inspiring. I've wanted to be a Rockette for a long time. Too bad I can't dance...well at least not like that...

Enjoy the reads!
Pia The Pig

photo via GirlCrush

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