Friday, May 6, 2011

Dad Is Awesome

This is the big weekend to celebrate our moms but today is my dad's birthday and here are 56 reasons he is awesome, on his birthday, today 5/6.

1. He is tall and handsome.
2. Rocks a mean beard (and stache).
3. Yet has not one mean bone in his body.
4. Work ethic any boss would dream of.
5. Amazing boss.
6. Instilled a "never go to bed hungry" rule in our house.
7. Which led to eating many a "Goodnight Treat" together: cookies, donuts, brownies.
8. SUPER appreciative of every meal my mom makes him whether that's doing nothing more than opening and microwaving a can of soup.
9. Rocks dress socks with white t-shirts like nobody's business.
10. Keeps the entire pajama industry alive and kicking.
11. Taught us you are only as old as you feel.
12. Taught us the importance of giving in to your sweet tooth.
13. And integrity.
14. And honesty.
15. And selflessness.
16. And humility.
17. And generosity.
18. And laughing at life.
19. And education.
20. And being a stand up guy (or gal.)
21. Gave me more love and support than any child could ever ask for.
22. Taught us to live passionately and "do what you want and the money will come."
23. Has collections and knowledge of them to awe anyone.
24. Always knew tickles could heal any problems.
25. Amazing work ethic yet made it to every soccer game and performance he could
26. And cheered louder than anyone
27. Saves everything we have ever made for him, for many different reasons.
28. Still leaves the time, date, and "Dad/Alan" at the end of every note and/or voicemail
29. Uses toilet paper for bookmarks and other quirks
30. Always asks house guests if they want a drink, a cookie while they are visiting, or to take some home "in their pocket."
31. Still makes my mom laugh all the time.
32. Uses a lot of words (yip, yachne) that always make me laugh.
33. Taught me everything and more I will ever need to know about cars.
34. Spent so much of our childhood at the park with us.
35. Gives solid advice
36. Works up a killer pro/con list when a decision can't be made
37. Taught us about Fred Astaire
38. And the importance of rocking a classy wardrobe from Brooks Brothers
39. Had his morning routine down to a science.
40. Took me for my first banana split.
41. Is THE best grandfather my nephew could ask for.
42. Always brings my mom flowers the night before a big event so "she can enjoy them the entire day"
43. Takes a long time to pick out the perfect greeting cards.
44. Which he saves "and will treasure forever."
45. He is an awesome dancer
46. And has an amazing dance floor face.
47. Always kills it in the history category in Trivial Pursuit.
48. Is a super safe driver.
49. Can never find his glasses but has the perseverance to always find them!
50. Taught us about how to eat a Chicago hot dog.
51. Knows when not to force it.
52. Would play the same games over and over and over and over with us when they had to get old.
53. Treats all my friends as if they are his own children.
54. Always puts a blanket on my mom and lets her sleep if she falls asleep around dinner time.
55. Never hangs up the phone or says goodbye without saying "I Love You" 50 times or more.
56. Dad treasures everything. His family, his friends, his possessions, his heart.

WE LOVE DAD! Happy Birthday!

Pia The Pig

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