Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Chic

Brrrrrace yourselves! It's snow season in Dallas. And by season, I mean week, but let's go with it. Today marks the official debut of my new earmuffs. I freaking love these things. They might be Rachel Zoe meets Princess Leih but they are warm and fun and who cares. I got them for myself and Katie from Charlotte Russe. I can't find them online but I'll bet they still have them in stores. Oh and I'm not really wearing these indoors. FOR PHOTO PURPOSES ONLY!

I'm pairing these with my amazingly functional convertible gloves. I got these on sale at Dillards this time last year, but you can snag some for yourself at Urban Outfitters. (Only a coincidence that these ridic photos are on the same page as my ANTM post.)

These are even cuter and just as functional.
Who knew mittens were so warm and fingerless gloves so perfect for texting? Well the combo can't be beat. Here are all of them from Urban (men's, too!)

Finally, if you want to keep your ears warm but aren't as into the giant balls on the sides of your head look, this head scarf is just the ticket. I haven't seen many of these around. It's time for you to start the trend!

What are you wearing to keep warm?
Pia The Pig


  1. I think I have puffy slash man hands after reviewing these photos. TERRIBLE!

  2. You look super cute in the earmuffs!



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