Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm not afraid to admit I remember the moment I stopped flipping channels back in 2003 as I landed on season one of America's Next Top Model. I was like "BAM! THIS IS SO BAD IT'S SO GOOD. BAM!" Cut to a whopping 15!!! seasons later, and I still watch this hot mess. Well after catching a rerun of the finale of season 1 (Holy Shannon!), I googled one of the models and stumbled across this website, which is the best collection of "Where are they now and are any of these girls actually successful" site I've found. Cut to four hours later, and I was all caught up on the most recent photos and happenings of my favorites (and not-so favorites.) You can search by season, I mean cycle, model, or even "gossip." Trust me, you'll enjoy it. Not sure I agree with this order, but here's a trip down memory lane.

For what it's worth, my favorite photo from Top Model, ever. So Mad Men chic!

I will forever heart Elyse, The Shandar, Norelle, Kahlen, The RAD Kim Stolz, Joanie, Mollie Sue, The Twins, Heather, Celia, Chanal, and this crazy cat, Allison.

Who were your faves?
Pia The Pig

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