Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm A Sucker For The Graphic Tee!

I got a sweet little surprise in the mail over the weekend, which was probably about 2 or 3 years overdue. I vaguely remember returning something through the Delia*s catalog a really long time ago, and getting some sort of "catalog credit." But, that really escapes me. Until, I opened two gift cards from Delia*s in the mail. HELLO! They totaled almost $100. That is like found money as my mom would say. I ventured into the store this weekend and didn't find anything yet, but their graphic tee selection did pique my interest even though it's kinda depressing to order an XL and pray it will fit. I guess that's what I get for stilllll trying to fit my almost-thirty-year-old-body into clothes made for tweens. Ah well, these still made me laugh. Which one(s) should I get? I'm kinda thinking all of them.

Fetch Tee (so classic)

TWSS Tee (this is a must)

Halp Tee (this is totes on my Facebook profile photo right now)

Check out the rest of the tees here.

Pia The Pig

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