Monday, July 26, 2010

A Quick Nod To Mom

A few of you may remember that when I moved a few months ago, I had quite a laugh in leu of self-horrification (just made that up, go with it) over the ridiculous amount of old crap I found in my bathroom cabinet, including but not limited to: prescriptions expired in 2005, nail polish I wouldn't give to a homeless person, and perfume I'd hate to smell like now. My awesome mom called me today to let me know that she cleaned out the cabinet in my old bathroom and found the following: 11 bottles of shampoo, 5 thermometers (there are only two people living in that house currently, Mom and Dad), 4 tweezers, over 13 "solutions" for dry feet, and enough to fill (plural) garbage bags. The oldest product dated back to 2005, which was actually impressive to us with its post-2002 date. We laughed, unphased. The funniest part is that we have this conversation every summer when my mom does her House Cleanout. Last year was 2009. Where does this stuff come from?

This is what I can look forward to. Because there's no way in hell I won't do the same thing years from now, laugh with my kid about it, and think of my mom, the most thoughtful, hilarious, and disorganized person I love to be becoming.

Mom, I raise my 4 thermometers to you.
Pia The Pig

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