Monday, June 7, 2010

An Awesome A Day Taste Test: Pops!

No, I'm not gearing up for a Father's Day taste test. (freaks). I am launching the First Annual AAAD Popsicle Taste Test. Inspired by this Pops! book I bought myself last year and truly excited by all things on a stick (whoa), it's time to decipher the best of the frozen foods as we sweat our asses off this summer. I went to the grocery store three times yesterday (I know) and was thrilled slash overwhelmed slash starving slash freezing at all of the frozen options. Anyhoo, I will be taste-testing as many of these as I can and happily reporting the results. Two to share with you today:

1. Jolly Rancher Bomb Pops

Just when you thought all Bomb Pops should represent The American Summer in its famous red, white, and blue, Jolly Rancher comes and Jamaica-tizes the thing and gets me all confused and everything. But honestly, I didn't try this one (which led to a major dehydration later in the post-sun evening) but my friends including AAAD Reader Tara said "It's just like eating a frozen Jolly Rancher." So, there you go. Sounds pretty much like the bomb to me. (Had to.) Looking forward to testing the chocolate Bomb Pop soon. Hello!

2. Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Bars

Now I am not on Weight Watchers but this combo of chocolate, raspberry, stick, and only "2 points" sounds too incredible not to try. And, they were, quite good. I wished it was larger (ahem) but it was definitely a treat. I wanted the raspberry to be a little bit more frozen but that could just be my freezer. Overall, definitely will be buying these again.

This post is so hot, it'll melt your popsicle!
Pia The Pig

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