Friday, May 21, 2010

Old Navy Dollar Flip-Flops

Clearly, I will be there based on what you read below regarding Texas feet that need to breaaaathe. But, these make a GREAT party favor for a summer party. Hey brides, everyone loves to put on flip-flops to dance at your wedding.....

Or you can use them as inspiration for this awesomely creepy Halloween costume FAIL.

And while you are at Old Navy stocking up, take note of their SMART store redesign. Ahh, nothing excites my inner design-loving, retail-obsessed nerd like a good store redo. Bright colors, centralized dressing rooms, and better checkout makes Pia excited.

I also picked up some totally fun summer finds, like a flip-flop printed tablecloth, fun crazy straws, and even some lucite banana split dishes. Super fun!

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