Saturday, May 30, 2009

An Awesome Friend, Mom, and Author

Howdy friends! Last night I spent time with the amazing Kim Flores-Swenson, and it's about time I mention this AWESOME lady on my blog! Kim is a great friend of mine, with an amazing heart, and awesome husband, and an adorable new baby boy. She's also my gift-giving mentor. She always makes and creates the most perfect and individualized gifts for everyone. More on that later. What's even more amazing about Kim is that she has already reached one of my personal dreams: being an author! Now on to her third novel after just wrapping up her newest, American Twirl, Kim is one of the brightest pics in the Young Adult section of your local bookstore. I thoroughly enjoyed her first novel, Gamma Glamma, and think it would be a great gift for any teen/tween/gal pal in your life. Get it here.

Kim has a fun blog, too, where you can learn more about her as well. It's also full of ways to feel creatively inspired.

Thanks for rocking it out Kim, and always reminding me to doodle. Haaay!

Pia The Pig

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