Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Most Awesome Taco Joint Ever!

Taco Joint can be my boyfriend. I found the ultimate place that remembers my name, fills me with love and sausage, and won't judge me for overeating. That's right. The Taco Joint should be where you spend your next meal. Go. Now.

Taco Joint is in the middle of a semi-sketchy neighborhood in Dallas, but don't let that fool you. Walking in here is like stepping into Austin. Here are the highlights.

-Breakfast. All day.
-The good ice. See Sonic.
-Friendliest guy at the register ever, and I've read on numerous blogs that he remembers your name with each visit.
-Fast service
-Hot coffee
-All breakfast tacos come with cheese
-Free wifi
-Queso with meat and guac called The Disaster
-Good people watching (so this is where the non-yuppies eat)
-The largest amount of delish sausage I have ever seen rolled into one giant non-greasy, I want another one right now, breakfast burrito.

I am so hitting this up tomorrow for the brisket tacos!

Meet me at The Disaster!
Pia The Pig

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