Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today I met two of my idols: Nastia Liukin and Carly Patterson! I have been mega fans of these two since I first heard of Carly in 2001. Most of you know my obsession with gymnastics, so you know how thrilling this was for me. I met these golden girls at a luncheon in their honor today in Dallas. The two Olympic Gymnastics All-Around Champions are not only incredible athletes, but great role models for all the young girls out there.

Local sportscaster Scott Murray interviewed the girls today and mentioned that when he interviewed Nastia's mom, Anna, just hours after she won the Olympic All-Around title, asking her how she proud felt knowing her daughter was an Olympic Champion, Anna said, "I am just proud that she is a nice, good person." And that's exactly what these girls are, teaching camps, volunteering their time for the Dallas Morning News Charities, working with gymnasts in the Special Olympics, and being positive role models for not only young gymnasts, but girls of all ages as well.

When they were asked how they kept their eye on the prize, through injuries, setbacks, and the call of being a "typical teenager," both girls mentioned making daily, weekly, and long-term goals. I was taught to make goals, too, but let's be honest, when was the last time I wrote down a DAILY goal besides "internal meeting at 4" or "doctor, 11:15?" Those aren't goals, they are appointments. It's time to dream big. Or small. Even if it's "Hit snooze twice," I'm ready to get on the dream boat. How about you?

I whipped up this downloadable goal reminder. Obviously goal #1 is "use this silly thing." So we'll see. Who's with me?

Pia The Pig


  1. You're smiling so hard in those photos you look like you might accidentally swallow your whole head.

  2. I'm excited for you! Hopefully you got to talk with them for a bit. How many people were there? And how is Carly taller than you??



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