Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Hey friends! Today is November first, and my new niece is ready to make her debut any moment now. So excited!

Last night was a lovely fall night. I made this GREAT Beef Pot Roast slow cooker recipe (you should totes make this) and the pumpkin chocolate chip cake I blogged about yesterday was easy and delicious, too. Mr. Awesome and I made the cake together and while it was cooking, enjoyed a photo shoot with Bert and his Halloween costumes. Yes that is plural. They are on Facebook in case you missed them.

Here's Bert.

And then Murphy The Cat, who is my new favorite "person" on Twitter. Follow him! @mrmurphycat

So excited for this month and all it brings. Should be awesome!

In case you aren't reading my other blog, check it out. Finally on a roll with lots of great posts in store.

Happy 11/1/11.
Pia The Pig

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