Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Part One of Pop It Like It's Hot

It's hot. 17 days now over 100 here in the Big D. So, while my year-round choice for food is truly anything on a stick, in the summatime, it better be frozen on the other end. Since Mr. Awesome and I are on a mission to eat healthier, I picked up these Healthy Bunch pops, including the 10 calorie Creamsicles, which I loved.

There are a million Popsicle brand pops and I've been hearing great things about the Jolly Rancher pops, which will be next on the list. Over the next few days, I will feature some great recipes for DIY pops, but in the meantime, check out Old Sweet Song Amy's post on pops.

Oh, and if you love the taste of Creamsicles and "don't DO sugar free," how adorbs are these Creamsicle Sandwich Cookies I spotted over on a new blog find, Baked Perfection?!

Even though I don't even like the consistency, anything with sprinkles on top, I can dig.

Pia The Pig

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