Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awesome Story

I was going to email this to my preggo readers but then thought we might all need a laugh today. One of my dearest friends is about to pop (maybe a few weeks to go, though). Turns out earlier today, she called her husband convinced her water broke. This is on the heels of a trip out of town and not the ideal place to give birth.

After further review, it was not her water that was providing the moisture on the seat, but her French Vanilla coffee creamer, which she thought she'd poured into, naturally, her coffee cup, but instead, her McDonalds bag which had seeped into the seat. So, false alarm! "But it was tingly!"


This brought to mind my other friend, whose water broke at the very beginning of Black Swan, yet she found Natty P's performance so riveting, she stayed through the entire movie. And then home for another two hours.

You pregnant ladies are brave. God Bless You.

Pia The Pig

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