Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Schvitzing For A Sno-Cone

My hair is a frizzball which can only mean two things: it's hot in Dallas and it's time for a m'f'in SNO-CONE.

I've asked the lovely Sarah of Two Hot Potatoes to give me the scoop on DFW sno-cones, as she was very exuberant as we discussed the topic at our friend's wedding. She writes, "So my personal favorite snow cone is MC Snow Cones – 183 & MacArthur. They have a snow ice cream snow cone that tastes like heaven in a cup.

I also have a special place in my small heart for Snowballs at Doc’s food store.
It makes me feel good about eating a snow cone for health since he uses real fruit juice.

Or you can risk your life to get a snow cone at Aunt Stelle's Sno-Cones in the hood. It’s totally worth it.
2002 West Clarendon Drive
Dallas, TX 75208-7632"

Thanks, Sarah. I need a Doc appointment!

Stay Cool,
Pia The Pig

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