Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No Cat Food Is This Awesome

Surely, I spoil Bert with expensive organic food, which is sure to make his culinary experience on par with, well, at least a good dinner (including drug-laced spinach dip) at Houston's. But perhaps I should look into Friskies for him, which seems to promise not only gastronomical delight, but also the rainbow and magical delights that seem to come with any good acid trip. See for yourself.

And take a moment to read the awesome YouTube comments, like:
TruWatcher "I have cats, but if I had any idea that Friskies contained LSD I would've thought twice before feeding it to them...I guess Friskies thinks us cat owners enjoy indulging in lengthy fantasies about the extreme pleasure and ecstasy our cats must be experiencing eating a can of glop...not really. I just scoop it out, feed it to them and let them rhapsodize over it if they want, but I don't imagine them experiencing a trippy journey of orgasmic pleasure starring turkeys, cows, chickens and fish..."

TruWatcher "Now I think I get it. Friskies is trying to appeal to people who keep their cats indoors for safety, but who feel guilty about it, and are scared the cat is missing out on wonderful adventures it should be having outdoors. They also know that an indoor cat's only real thrills come from eating. So they're saying "Feed your indoor cat this crap, and it'll hallucinate that it's having all kinds of trippy adventures without ever having to leave your house." Yep. Just from eating food. Sure."

And just when i thought I was at a pretty high CCL status, "zanev" seems to out Crazy-Cat-Lady me:
zanev "My cat honestly perks up when this commercial is on TV, as if he totally understands it. And yes he does eat Friskies."

Thanks, Brian, for the link!

Look out, Bert. Mama might bring home sumthin' SPECIAL tonight!
Pia The Pig


  1. Additionally, it saddens me that I will never make a commercial this expensive to produce.

  2. I don't own a cat, but I'm totally going to buy this cat food.



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